Questions to Pose to a Divorce Attorney on Your Initial Visit

Conflicts over custody and divorce can be difficult. You must choose a skilled Charleston divorce lawyer if you intend to go through the divorce process. Starting with a shortlist of a few renowned divorce attorneys in your area, you can choose one after evaluating their performance and other factors. You need to make rational decisions while remaining calm because it is an emotional process. A few fundamental questions should be the basis of your initial consultation with your divorce attorney.

What to Ask Your Attorney


How can you get in touch with the attorney?
Know the preferred method of communication with the Charleston divorce lawyer. Whether it be by phone, email, or word of mouth, make sure. Get the right legal assistance to maintain the case in your favor.

In how long will your case be resolved?
The length of the legal process is something you should find out from your attorney. Please be honest with your attorney about how long it will take to have the case resolved.

Who can handle the situation?
Who will handle the case—will it be the attorney you’ve chosen to handle it, or will one of his assistants do it? In that situation, it is crucial for the client and attorney to communicate effectively and openly. If the top attorney is swamped with cases, note the associate’s phone number.

How long has the attorney been practicing in this area?
When discussing your problem with the attorney, keep in mind to ask how long they have been practicing law. To further help you make the right choice, research the lawyer’s reputation and professional background.

Can I communicate with you unencumbered?
Inform your Charleston divorce lawyer about your circumstances before your initial meeting. Avoid getting too engrossed in the specifics. Talk in a light, meaningful manner. During that little period, try to determine the lawyer’s trustworthiness by listening to how they communicate. This will strengthen your conviction and give you confidence that you have selected the best attorney.

How do you handle payments?
On the first day of the visit, kindly discuss the payment method, billing, consultation fees, and overall cost. Then, if you are struggling financially or are in a tight spot, talk to a lawyer about your situation and come up with regulated alternatives, such as paying bills in installments, etc.

Can you aid me in obtaining custody of my child?
Compile information; don’t withhold anything from your attorney. If you have a child or children, be aware of the custody arrangement. As soon as you meet with the attorney, make sure all questions are answered. Talk about the fair financial settlements as well.

After the initial appointment, make sure you are aware of all the subsequent negotiations your attorney will engage in.

Even while it is completely reasonable that your emotional state is delicate right now, remember that you are in a win-win situation. Decide, therefore, after the initial consultation whether your attorney is devoted, loyal, and committed to your case.