The UK’s Wood Fuels Industry: The Current Trends & Top Manufacturers

Due to the high costs of electricity and gas, the popularity of firewood and wood-burning stoves is currently gradually rising in the UK. The demand for their products, particularly briquettes, logs, and other biomass products to offset the impact of rising costs and employ environmentally friendly methods of home heating, is impressive to the wood fire suppliers.

Because living expenses are rising, homeowners are turning to wood burners to keep warm in an effort to conserve energy. Customers are attempting to stock up on logs for fireplaces or wood burners due to the up to 50% increase in firewood prices from the previous year.

The demand for firewood is rising along with the rise in log prices. Therefore, customers who use firewood to heat their accommodations could anticipate to pay about £150 (or $170) per month for firewood. According to industry experts, it is preferable to acquire UK logs that have been kiln-dried in large quantities and to invest in a wood burner so that homeowners can heat their homes inexpensively.

In terms of sustainability, a wood burner can provide adequate warmth and be economical if properly maintained. Consequently, firewood is regarded as a very efficient and low-carbon source of energy. A wood-burning stove, for instance, is 60% more efficient than traditional open fireplaces because heat is transferred directly into the room rather than being wasted up the chimney. Air pollution is a concern with regard to eco trends in the UK, which is why an increasing number of consumers choose to burn briquettes rather than logs, wood, or other solid fuels.

Let's discuss which UK firewood and log producers dominate the industry and call attention to the most well-known businesses.

TOP Firewood & Briquette Producers in the UK Market

Let's begin with a Homefire evaluation, which notes that this is a well-known company and a major provider of wood fuel in the UK with a focus on solid fuel production. Homefire sells a variety of products in the mass market, including BBQ charcoal, kiln-dried logs, fiber firelighters, heat logs, briquettes, and smokeless coals.
To heat your home, you can use any preferred form of wood fuel:
– Use chemical-free, high-energy heat logs made from compressed wood.
– Smokeless coals, which include Brazier, Taybrite, and Phurnacite. These ecoals provide ideal heat output that lasts a long time and burns without dangerous additives. They also produce less CO2, more heat, and minimal trash.
We can underline this after writing the Certainly Wood review that it also caters to the mainstream market and is better recognized for its kiln-dried firewood. This UK company only has a limited web presence and reach. There are also framers firelighters and wood kindling available for purchase, but no wood briquettes. Certainly Wood kiln-dried logs promise users a hot & clean burn without chemicals and preserve eco-friendly heating options, according to the website's tagline.

The third assessment of White Horse Energy shows that it is a low-cost firewood supplier that provides wood fuels at the lowest prices available in the UK market. The firm works hard to provide top-notch goods at competitive costs as they deliver wood pellets, kiln-dried firewood, and briquettes.

Briquettes have become more and more common in UK heat houses in recent years. They started to dominate because of their high levels of efficiency, competitive economics, and ease of use. It's a fantastic substitute for traditional firewood and coal. Therefore, it is up to you to choose a suitable firewood supplier that will fulfill your needs, so you can easily heat the entire house without any waste or smoke.